You Can Buy an Entire Scottish Island for $350,000

You Can Buy an Entire Scottish Island for $350,000 1

Need to run far, far away from your problems and the unraveling of American civility in general? Try an island off the Scottish coast, where the wind sweeps across rolling green hills, the water is calm and soothing, and you’re the only person around. One island in particular, called Linga, is now on the market, and bids are starting at $ 351,000.

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Linga is a tiny, 64-acre island located off the Shetland Isles, which are north of the Scottish mainland—Shetland is actually closer to Norway than Scotland. The island itself is just a boat ride away from the Shetland village of Walls, so you wouldn’t be too far from civilization, but it’s secluded enough to feel like a real escape. After flying into Glasgow—and making a detour to Lagavulin or Laphroaig to stock up on whisky—you jump on a short flight to Shetland’s main airport and drive 18 miles from there to Walls. Take a look at Linga and the surrounding countryside here:

No one has lived on Linga since 1934, so the two cottages are a bit run down. Despite Shetland’s strict building codes, its future owner can renovate the existing structures and also build a new cottage, agricultural buildings, a reception area, and a pier. Vladi Private Islands, which put Linga on the market, already has plans in place to get solar and wind power, fresh water, and plumbing to the island, so it won’t be medieval—but it’s definitely a fixer upper that’ll end up costing you more than the $ 350K upfront.

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But man, once you get it fixed up, furnished, and stocked, it’ll be a dream getaway from the craziness of your life. Just build a roaring fire, pour yourself a glass of something smoky, and enjoy the silence. Shetland sheepdog not included.

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