Stella Artois' New Super Bowl Commercial with Matt Damon Has Little to Do With Beer

Stella Artois is airing its first Super Bowl ad since 2011, and it’s all for a good cause. The beer company is partnering up with Matt Damon’s charity,, which helps figure out solutions to bring clean water to people around the world. It’s the fourth year for the partnership between the beer brand and the charity.

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Matt Damon in Stella Artois ad

Stella Artois

The ad, called “Taps,” is fitting for the Super Bowl, since everyone gets up and heads to the kitchen or the bathroom during commercial breaks. Matt Damon’s narration showcases how a water tap might be nothing special to Americans, but access to clean water is not a given everywhere in the world.

From January 15 through April 15, every time you buy a 12-pack of Stella Artois beer or cider, you’re helping give 12 months of clean water for one person in the developing world. If you buy one pint or bottle of Stella at a bar, that will help for one month.

And if you buy a limited edition chalice (a.k.a a fancy beer glass), it’ll help provide five years of clean water for someone. This year, the chalices feature designs by Silvana Avila from Mexico, Janine Shroff from India, and Monica Ramos from the Philippines.

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Stella Artois limited edition chalices

Stella Artois

“If just one percent of viewers watching the Super Bowl this year purchased a chalice, we could help provide access to clean water for up to one million people in need,” Damon said in a press release. If you’d like to get one, you can head to to buy a chalice.

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