Pregnant Queens mom mysteriously goes missing

A pregnant Queens woman has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind her worried husband and twin sons — and evidence of a suspicious phone call.

Amarjit Kaur, 34, left her home on 128th St. near 107th Ave. in Ozone Park at about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday and was supposed to later pick up her 7-year-old sons at school in the afternoon.

She never showed up and when school officials called her husband, Lakhwinder Multani, 47, he launched his own investigation, police sources said.

“I’m worried,” Multani said. “They (police) are still working on it. They are checking every camera.”

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Using a GPS, Multani found his wife’s red Mercedes parked on 113th St. near Liberty Ave. by the Chase Bank where she went earlier in the day about a mile from her home.

Multani asked workers at a nearby cellphone store to review their surveillance video, which showed Kaur, who is six weeks pregnant, parking the car at 10:30 a.m. and walking away, sources said. The car had been ticketed for an expired parking meter shortly before 12:30 p.m.

Amarjit Kaur (r.) went missing Tuesday. Her husband, Lakhwinder Multani (l.), found his wife

Amarjit Kaur (r.) went missing Tuesday. Her husband, Lakhwinder Multani (l.), found his wife’s red Mercedes with an expired parking ticket near her bank.

(Obtained by Daily News)

The husband had a nephew tow the car back to the family’s home, at which point he called police.

His wife’s cellphone was inside the car. The phone showed that his wife had a phone conversation with somebody whose number the husband didn’t recognize.

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He called the number and a man who answered said he had been looking to collect a debt but dialed the wrong number when he called the wife’s phone.

But the call lasted five minutes and police are trying to figure out if the man has anything to do with Kaur’s disappearance, sources said. The phone was linked to an address in Queens but the man who lives there told cops the owner of the phone no longer lives there and may now live out of state, sources said.

A nearby cellphone store

A nearby cellphone store’s surveillance camera picked up Kaur, 34, who is six weeks pregnant, walking.


“The police have the phone number now,” the husband said. “I don’t have it. I made one phone call to the guy.”

Kaur was last seen wearing yellow pants and a black shirt.

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