Mark Salling’s death draws conflicted feelings from 'Glee' cast

When “Glee” star Corey Monteith died in 2013 of an accidental drug overdose, the sorrow from his fellow cast and crew members came swiftly and abundantly, flooding social media with fond remembrances and heartfelt tributes.

When Mark Salling died Tuesday of an apparent suicide, weeks before he was set to be sentenced on charges of child pornography, the reactions slowly trickled in, with most of his fellow cast and crew members carefully tip-toeing around Salling’s tarnished legacy.

Mark Salling died Tuesday of an apparent suicide.

Mark Salling died Tuesday of an apparent suicide.


Jane Lynch, who played Sue Sylvester to Salling’s Noah “Puck” Puckerman, remembered her former co-star with a fond memory from the early days of “Glee.”

“(I’ll remember him) as the guy who made that really sweet video in the beginning of ‘Glee’ when he was so happy to be a part of this group,” Lynch told TMZ. “It’s tragic and I am brokenhearted over it.”

‘Glee’ star Mark Salling dead at 35 after he hangs himself

Matthew Morrison, who played the glee club’s coach Will Schuester, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with Monteith to his left and Salling to his right.

In the caption, he added the emojis for an angel, a sad face and another angel. Actress Jenna Ushkowitz, who starred as Tina, commented on the post with a red heart.

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Stars gone too soon

Iqbal Theba, who played Principal Figgins, simply tweeted, “Oh Mark.”

Crew members, meanwhile, were more vocal on social media.

Mark Salling faced troubling child porn allegations before death

Vocal contractor and vocal arranger Tim Davis acknowledged Salling’s “horrific” crimes, but pleaded with fans to keep cruel comments to themselves so as not to add to his family’s pain.

“Today we lost another #Glee cast member. Yes, he’s committed crimes against children. Yes, it’s horrific. But Mark Salling was a broken man, no doubt an abuse victim himself. I loved Mark, and am sad when I consider the devastation of his parents. PLEASE withhold your cruel comments,” Davis wrote.

“Let me be clear. Having compassion for Mark Salling in no way minimizes his crimes, nor does it minimize the pain and devastation of the victims of those crimes. I’m just saying stop adding to his family’s pain. This was their son. If you’re without sin, feel free to cast stones,” he added.

Actor Finneas O’Connell, who played Alistair on four episodes of “Glee” in 2015, was less kind.

Mark Salling enters guilty plea in child pornography case

“I met Mark Salling once when we were filming the final episode of Glee together. I didn’t know him at all and I won’t pretend I did. It’s been a horrifying thing these past two years finding out about the crimes he’s committed. I don’t feel sorry for him. Only sorry for his fans,” he wrote on Twitter.

Director of photography Joaquin Sedillo also chimed in, first sharing a sad face emoji on Twitter and then writing, “Devistating (sic)… Suicide is never the answer.”

Director Paris Barclay did, too, sharing a photo that featured both Monteith and Salling.

“It’s a painful loss, again. Two young actors, lost too soon. RIP,” he wrote on Twitter. “Yes, we know the whole story. We also worked with him before all this came to light.”

‘Glee’ star Mark Salling reportedly slit his wrists

Salling, 35, was arrested for possession of child pornography in 2015, and in October pleaded guilty as part of a deal that would have given him a sentence of four to seven years in prison.

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