Madden NFL 20’s Superstar KO Mode Just Turned Football into a Party Video Game

Madden just revealed a new mode coming in a free update to Madden NFL 20 on Tuesday. The mode, named Superstar KO, pits players against each other in wacky, high-action, five-to-eight minute rounds—a stark contrast to the normal match time of 40 minutes and then some.

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In Superstar KO mode, players and up to two of their friends join forces to try and win four matches in a row against other teams. The teams featured are brand new, with interesting mixes of current NFL players, all-stars, and legends like Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor. They also have vibrant uniforms and some ridiculous coaches; DJ Khaled leads the Florida Keys. The whole mode has an air of fun, feeling more like a party game than a football game.

Here’s how it works: Each team gets to draft new players for each round, and if they’re lucky, they may see a legend join the team. Along with the draft, each team is built for a specialty, whether it is running, passing, offensive plays, or any other specialized hand book you can think of.


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EA Sports

Following the draft, one team starts at their 25 yard line and gets one offensive play to try and score a touchdown. No special teams are involved, just the standard offense and defense. Following the first team’s attempt, the second team gets an attempt from their own 25 yard line. If, after both teams have had a shot, it ends in a tie, everyone starts at the 50 yard line in a tiebreaker called “tug of war,” which I personally think the NFL should adopt. The teams switch off the ball per play, each trying to make it as far down their side of the field as possible, and the match win is awarded to whoever’s half of the field the ball ends up on after a total of six plays.

The whole ordeal takes no more than eight minutes per round, and following a victory, the winning team gets the chance to recruit a member of the losing team. The goal of Superstar KO is to win four matches in a row, which, due to the high-octane play, doesn’t take very long.

The update is free for all Madden 20 owners. Want to try Madden 20 before dropping 60 bucks? Starting September 5 and running until September 8, it will be free to download to celebrate the NFL season kickoff, whether you want to test out the fast-paced gameplay, the QB1 story mode, or the Superstar KO mode.

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