Eddie Huang details sexual assault by church chaperone as a teen

Celebrity chef and “Fresh Off the Boat” inspiration Eddie Huang came forward Wednesday with a sexual assault he says happened when he was 14 years old and on a Baptist church ski trip.

The restaurateur penned a column for The Cut detailing the trip he took with a friend that started as the perfect getaway, and ended with his chaperone standing naked before him reading the Bible.

He claims that he and his friend were relaxing in their room on separate twin beds when their chaperone — whom Huang describes as: “a tall, dark-for-a-white-man, Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘Last of the Mohicans’ clone — came in and asked if he could take a shower.

Huang says he and his friend obliged, but that the chaperone emerged from the shower sans clothing — a memory that still haunts him to this day.

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“I get knots in my stomach and blood rushes to my brain when I begin to write this. I think it’s anger, but I’m not sure. More than anything, I just feel powerless to the memory. Him taking his time with the shower, steaming up the room, then coming out with his d–k hanging out,” he wrote.

He says he tried to ignore the chaperone’s inappropriate behavior, and chalked it up to him just being “some weirdo trying to show out and air dry like Cuba Gooding Jr. in ‘Jerry Maguire.'”

But when the chaperone remained stationed at the foot of his bed, he knew something was wrong.

Huang says the man took out a Bible and began reading it aloud — still naked, for 15 minutes.

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“You’re never ready for it and you never think it would happen to you, but it was happening and it kept going. He took out a Bible and started to read scripture with his d–k hard. My chest started to tighten and I couldn’t breathe, fearful for what would happen next. The panic turned to outrage and ultimately humiliation,” he wrote.

Huang said he considered fighting the man, but opted not to due to his size, and felt as though he could never come clean because no one would believe him.

“My friend was a troublemaker and I was his weird Chinese friend; no one was going to take our word over this chaperone’s… Even if I told somebody, there was nothing they could give back to make me whole again. Inside I was screaming for someone to come save the two of us and take the responsibility out of my hands, but nobody ever showed up,” he wrote.

Huang writes that the Harvey Weinstein allegations triggered him, but it was Anthony Rapp’s claim against Kevin Spacey that inspired him to finally go public with his story after so many years of keeping quiet.

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“A Band-Aid had been ripped off and a memory triggered that I had deliberately locked away,” he wrote. “All of the emotions came rushing back, but again I hung onto my safe place on the sidelines… (Rapp) shared something with us all that I never could and it made me feel OKAY.”

Rapp’s accusation also inspired more than a dozen additional allegations against Spacey, who has since been let go from his Netflix series “House of Cards.”

Huang currently operates a Taiwanese bun shop in the East Village. His memoir, “Fresh Off the Boat,” was adapted into a TV series for ABC in 2015, though Huang has since expressed his displeasure with the series.

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