Sports reporter says reaction to medication led to disappearance

A Texas sports reporter who went missing but was found unharmed days later said a bad reaction to her medication is what led to her disappearance.

Courtney Roland, who covers Texas A&M football for, tweeted Monday that she underwent five days of extensive testing at a Houston hospital where doctors determined she suffered an “adverse reaction” to her prescription medication, which she did not identify.

“I am doing much better and look forward to returning back to work covering Texas A&M football for when the time is right,” Roland wrote. “I would like to thank the doctors, nurses and support staff at Houston Methodist for providing me with expert medical care.”

The 29-year-old vanished on Jan. 6 after texting her roommate that a suspicious man was following her home. She also sent bizarre text messages to her mother, police said.

Roland was found Jan. 8 at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Houston after being reported missing a day earlier.

Police have said nothing criminal was suspected in her disappearance. They added a reaction to her medication caused her memory loss.

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